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1 on 1 Coaching


Get personal attention and improve your spoken English. I have maximum bookings for this course. My students practice with me during live online classes. I cover speaking practice through a variety of general interest topics.

Face to Face Coaching

Improve your knowledge of the English language and pronunciation and practice your speaking and vocabulary with me.

IELTS Coaching


Get Band Scores of 8777 and your one way ticket abroad. Book your 1-1 online coaching sessions with me now!

Group Coaching Sessions

Coming soon at my residence in Delhi.

Communication Skills Coaching


Express yourself clearly and confidently with my Communication Skills coaching.

Executive Coaching Sessions

Speak up and be heard in private and public conversations.

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— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help individuals to become their best version.

I am Tanya Sachdev, a certified English Language Coach. I help adult leaners communicate effectively in English with their peers, colleagues, international colleagues, clients, family members and friends.  

I apply 21st century methodologies and principles to make my classes interesting and lively. 

I am a B.A. and an M.A. in English. I have a B.Ed in English too. I live in Delhi, India. 

I teach IELTS to students who wish to study abroad for higher education or shift  abroad for work and better prospects.

Other than English, I coach on Communication Skills and Personality Development. I am busy with my students everyday and help them better their English, communication skills and achieve personal and professional success.

Tanya Sachdev


Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.

"I enjoyed my journey with Tanya. She explained everything very clearly. I come from a Hindi medium school and I always faced difficulties in understanding English conversations but Tanya taught me very well. After taking her course, I am able to understand and speak fluently in English. Thank you so much Tanya for your efforts. I highly recommend her one on one coaching for speaking English fluently."

Renu Chauhan

"If you want to feel confident, independent, incharge of your words and want people to listen to you, take Tanya Sachdev's communication skills coaching. Her methods are unique and easy to adapt. Post her coaching, I learned how to express myself with the right choice of words in my everyday communication. I would highly recommend investing in one on one coaching with Tanya to see a significant change in your outlook."

Ajay Singh
Strategy Analyst

"I studied in a Gujarati medium school so my English was not good which became a big hurdle in my profession. After joining Tanya's classes, I saw a big change in myself. She worked not only on my English but also my confidence. Now I am able to speak English confidently. She has improved my accent and pronunciation too. I thoroughly enjoy her one to one classes. Thank you Tanya for helping me fulfill my dream of speaking confidently in English."

Yasmin Vora
Certified Financial Planner

"Tanya is a fabulous teacher. She has helped me immensely in gaining confidence in my communication skills. I am able to speak to my clients freely and close high value deals. I speak without any hesitation with my international clients and even do friendly talks with them. Thanks Tanya for being a life changer. I recommend her communication skills coaching big time."

Karan Lugani
Founder & CEO
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