10 Things Highly Charismatic People Do

It’s more often than not the smallest things that make the biggest impact on how people perceive us. Maybe it’s being polite, being assertive without being rude or giving a meaningful compliment, or even being helpful when needed. Read 10 Things Highly Charismatic People Do to make an impact on people around them.

When you begin to understand the nuances of how to become charismatic (in an assertive & non arrogant way), suddenly life becomes easier and authentic.

How being charismatic can help you at work & home-

  • At work: Colleagues and bosses enjoy being around you. Isn’t that what we all want? Furthermore, your ideas, advices and opinions are taken seriously.
  • Stronger personal & social relationships: You’ll find unexpected changes in your life. It’ll become easier to make magical connections with people and even make new friends.
  • Your career: One thing that people up the ladder have- they have an unmatched charisma. Charisma is more of a people skill that translates into promotions, more job opportunities, better career prospects and a larger network. Charisma acts as a strong amplifier to your other skills. 

Here are 10 things the most charismatic people do.

1. Voice Modulation. When you modulate your voice, raise & lower your voice when needed, you sound more confident and credible. Lower you voice at the end of statements and leave with an assertive viewpoint.
2. They pay attention to the listener. Whether in a group or a one-on-one interaction, attention is critical. Resist glancing at that phone or laptop notification.
3. Make eye contact while talking. It really shows the other person that you’re 100% focused on them. It makes the other person feel welcomed.
4. They know first Impressions matter. We send signals even before we start speaking. With approachable body language, graceful attire and non-verbals, the first impression is already half made.
5. They unapologetically present themselves. And they do it in an assertive and polite way.
6. They use humour to their advantage. Their one liners work wonders.
7. They know it’s important to be assertive. They know their boundaries and use them to their advantage. They live and let live.
8. They take the front lead. Most people are looking to be lead. Charismatic people make suggestions and proposals and are open to feedbacks.
9. They learn from the past and look to the future. Everyone’s struggled socially in the past, but it doesn’t mean you’ll struggle in the future. With action and changed approach, they lead their lives.
10. They expect more from themselves. They do! The most charismatic people I know do not settle for less. They set a high bar for themselves. They’re go getters & ambitious.  

Most people can do 10x more than they think. They are just stuck in their past or wandering in their future. They don’t live in the present and do not realise that action happens in the present. They don’t work to their potential and more often than not, they miss the right support and consistency in their efforts. If you’re interested and serious in harnessing the power of charisma and extract MORE out of yourself, more out of your relationships and MORE out of life, I’ve got one last tip for you… Join my Communication & Mindset coaching.

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