5 Top Negotiation tips to help you effectively negotiate in any situation

We negotiate everyday in different settings like big business meetings, with bosses & colleagues, with our teams, with our vendors, with family, friends, spouses, children, maids, and even at the interview tables. Negotiation can be taught and it is such an important skill to have.

Fact: We negotiate in our lives all day, every day. Some of us naturally do it well and a lot of us are not great at negotiations.
Some people are jittery of being in negotiations. In this post I will give you 5 simple and practical tips that you can use to increase your effectiveness in ANY negotiation, under any circumstance. Just imagine what life will look like when you’ll be able to negotiate effectively! Make sure you read this post. I assure you will not regret it!

5 Top Negotiation tips to help you effectively negotiate in any situation

1. Reframe your nervousness to excitement

Is it possible? Yes! We’re scared of negotiations and specially the big ones. When we go in anxiety, nervousness and a high emotional state, it doesn’t help us. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s possible. Research says that when we reframe our nervousness to excitement (with the same intensity of emotions), we get a much better outcome in our conversations.


When someone gets reactive, goes back & forth and you get further reactive, it doesn’t work. On the contrary, when you’re silent and composed, better negotiations take place.

Instead of being reactive, take a moment to think and respond to avoid the negotiation going haywire.

People get uncomfortable with silence. Wait for the other person to speak. When you go silent, people also feel heard and want to engage with you. You’ll also get clear with what others want. Further, ask them clarifying questions to know what they want and never make assumptions.

Tell them, “This is important to you and I can do this but I can’t do that.”

Respond than react.

3. Be Ok with a NO

We’re often afraid of a NO but that’s ok. Ask clarifying questions without any fear. We always worry what if the person says a No. No is great. It’ll give you so much freedom in negotiation. You’ll know what the other person doesn’t want and use it as a stepping stone to further create an offer.

When people say No, they get more space. I get a lot of NOs while negotiating with my clients and I say, “OK, What else can be done?”

And sometimes NOs are good. “Do you want to end this relationship? No.” See No is good here. Don’t be afraid of a No or multiple Nos.

4. Don’t be unreasonable

Everyone knows that people want to meet you in the middle. If you start too high or too low, you may offend the other person. Be reasonable in your negotiations.

5. Prepare for negotiations

Know what is reasonable and unreasonable. Know what is important to the other person and at the same time important to you. What is it that you can be happy to let go for the other person?

If you can give the other party what is important to them, then why not? For them it’s a big gesture and they’ll be willing to work with you in the longer run. Be clear of what they want and you want.

You can also make the first offer and place yourself strategically. You can set the anchor point. Always know your bottom line and be willing to move out of the negotiation and deal with the consequences. Be really clear.

These were my 5 Top Negotiation tips to help you effectively negotiate in any situation, under any circumstance.

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