Is it better to study a little every day or a lot once a week?

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Schools and colleges teach throughout the year. There must be a reason for it and a strong one I would say. Here’s one thing I’ve learnt from teaching and learning languages. It’s much better to do a little bit of study every day than a lot once a week. This works not just for languages but anything you want to learn.

I’ll give you a solid reason for it. When you study often, your brain remembers what you learnt the day before and you can then review and build on that. When you study less often, you end up learning the same things again, because you forget such a lot in-between. You don’t build up on your knowledge, in fact end up learning the same things again.

We all have a forgetting curve. Without a review, after a gap of six days, we almost forget everything that we studied. But if we study every day, we learn and remember much more and further build on it.

I’ll explain with an example, a real life one. When we study for a short time every day, we make incredible progress. At the beginning it may feel as if nothing much is happening. But when we make this a habit and in time, we realise the progress and that progress can mean learning hundreds of new words, mastering tricky grammar points or becoming a fluent English speaker.

I really recommend a short, fruitful study session every day!

This is why in my Spoken English course, we have short lessons every week. I build the lessons very carefully for my learners, add new words and concepts so they can easily remember the English that they’ve studied and use it in conversations. That’s what matters, right?

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Do you agree that it’s better to study a little every day than a lot once a week? Do let me know in the comments below.

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