How to speak English fluently during Interviews?

Job interviews are often tricky. First you got to keep the nerve, then there’s an utter need to express yourself clearly while ensuring you cover all the necessary points to present an impeccable image of yours. There’s such a lot to consider and then there’s a great deal of worry about your English. Fret not! Follow these steps and get the job of your dreams. In this post, learn how to speak English fluently during interviews to get a promotion or a new job.

How to speak English fluently during Interviews?

1) Make sure you get there early

You’ll ask me- ‘What’s it got to do with English?’ Well, a lot! It’s important for a second language interview, English in our case. Being calm is important to make sure you’re ready to speak well and express yourself clearly in English. If you’re late, you’ll be guilty, feel sorry and fumble up in your language. A relaxed mind will help you to think clearly and use your words wisely.

If it’s an online interview, make sure you login well before the time, check your camera angle and lighting and make sure that you are all set for the interview.

2) Prepare well but don’t write a script

It’s usually easy to guess the information an interviewer will seek at the interview. Ensure you work on your vocabulary related to your background and work experience but don’t practice it as a script. The interviewer will catch your script and it will not leave a good impression. Keep your English flexible and answer to the point.

3) Tell the interviewer what he wants to know

Answer the interviewer crisply and tell him all that he wants to know in simple English. He is interested in your skills and capabilities. Your English is the cherry on the cake. He is absolutely fine with simple English and your fluency. Don’t beat around the bush with fancy English. Answer the interviewer fully and prove your worth for the job.

4) Add in your extra details

Add in your extra details related to the job or the question being asked. After you’ve answered a question, use a phrase like “I would like to add…” or “This is said to…” or “An example of this might be…” to make sure you add your extra information in a relevant way. Show your English language skills in a smart way that add to your merit.

5) Think of some examples

Interviewers always ask about your strengths and weaknesses so those are good topics to practice before an interview. Use good English adjectives to talk about yourself. Here you can prepare a script but mind you, keep it flexible.

6) Be polite and friendly but not too informal

Avoid using slangs in an interview and use polite questions like “Would you tell me?” or “Could you tell me?“. Although some offices use informal English on a day to day basis, but it’s best to avoid that in an interview. Address the interviewer as ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’ followed by their surname unless they tell you otherwise.

7) Focus on what you’re saying

It’s important to talk well in English, but remember that the interviewer has a lot more interest in what you say rather than how you say it. Unless the interviewer is specifically interested in your English level, concentrate on your achievements and job expertise. It’s better for the interviewer to think, “Wow! That person really knows about her new role” instead of, “She speaks good English, it’s a disappointment she doesn’t know much about her new role”. So relax and speak English with a smile. Keep your confidence in yourself and your language. You are good. Period.

Concentrate on these points and crack your interviews with your English that you already know. Language is about what you say, how you say and you intention behind your message.

Now you know how to speak English fluently during an interview. Make note of these tips and sail easily through your next interview.

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Take care and good luck for your next interview!

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  1. Nidhi bhatt November 18, 2020 at 8:22 am

    Need of an hour .Beautifully penned down. Good one

    1. Tanya Sachdev November 18, 2020 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks Nidhi 🙂


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