How much time do I need to move up a grammar level?

I get asked this question the most. It’s a valid question. If I were learning a language, I would have asked it too. So how long does it take to really improve your English?

‚ÄčResearch by Cambridge suggests we need around 200 hours of study to move from one language level to the next. So, for example, to move from B1 level (intermediate) to B2 level (upper intermediate), or from B2 level to Advanced C1 level, we need 200 hours of dedicated study. This includes a lot of segments like grammar, fluency, coherence, lexical resources and so on.

If you ask me, I think that spending around a quarter of language study time on grammar is good. This makes for about 25% of the whole study time on one language level. So about 40 hours for one level.

I have taught English at a leading school of Delhi. Though school curriculums and motivations are different, still one can make an inference. It takes a whole year, with breaks in between to move from one class to another. Grammar, fluency, literature, vocabulary, writing skills- everything is taught but grammar is everywhere. I’ve tried grammar classes with my one on one adult English learners too. We would spend 20 minutes on grammar in every class and review thoroughly so that the learners really knew the concepts.

At the end of the 12 weeks, almost all the students became better in grammatical concepts and improved their sentence structures. They stopped making grammatical errors and improved their speaking skills. So they had learned and could use all the taught grammar in around 36 hours in total.

You can improve your English if you spend a few hours per week focusing on grammar.

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