Difference between Successful Learners & Struggling Learners

Why is it that one person is successful while the other is struggling? Why is it that some people get the jobs or the promotions and the others struggle? As a communication coach, I’ve seen many learners scale up the professional ladder. At the same time I have seen many people struggle too. Here are 8 differences between successful learners and struggling learners. Read them carefully and become a successful learner which will further help you in your professional and personal success.

8 Differences between successful learners and struggling learners

  1. Successful learners seek mistakes as natural and part of the learning process. They accept mistakes as a natural part of their existence whereas struggling learners fear mistakes and are obsessed with perfection. Perfection comes with time and one has to devote time to it. Remember, you are going to fail a lot more times than you succeed; accept it else it will limit you. Successful people accept it and the ones who don’t struggle it out.
  2. Pay attention to this- successful learners make learning a scheduled part of their daily routine whereas struggling learners learn infrequently and randomly. Does this remind you of your story? Time to change it. Successful learners have a fixed schedule. For example, I have an English learner who sits at 5 pm everyday for 30 minutes to study English. It’s not hard to guess the result. On the other hand, struggling learners procrastinate and end up doing nothing.
  3. Successful learners set smart goals with determination. They know why they are learning. They know why they want to learn and what they want to achieve. Struggling learners have no clear goals or reasons to learn. They lack the motivation and zeal for achieving their goals.
  4. Successful learners study without distraction. They fully concentrate on the task at hand. They know how to be mindful and fully present in the moment. Struggling learners multitask. They read, study, look at their phone- all at one time and end up not learning at all.
  5. Successful learners focus on solutions and struggling learners pay more attention to the problems. Successful learners think more on actions and concentrate on- How can I do this? Struggling learners waste their time on wishful thinking and finding problems.
  6. Successful learners understand progress comes from practice, repetition and patience. Struggling learners expect instant results and get anxious and frustrated when they don’t see results. I see this a lot of times with my coachees. They want instant results and are not ready to invest time in their professional development. Result- self doubts, frustration, change of body language and finding faults in their stars. Always remember- success takes time; progress takes practice, repetition and a lot of patience.
  7. Successful learners focus on one concept at a time and are actively engaged whereas struggling learners passively & randomly consume information. I’ll explain with an example. Some learners go from one topic to another, jump from one concept to another and end up learning nothing. I know of an English learner who moved from phrasal verbs to tenses to collocations, all in a day. I had to tell him to hold on his horses and learn one concept at a time. He listened and learnt all the concepts within no time. That’s the power of putting your energies on one thing at a time.
  8. Successful learners get the support from teachers, colleagues and peers. Struggling learners learn in isolation and don’t get support. They get lost in the noise. If you’re struggling and would want to improve your communication skills, leave me a comment below or mail me at t4tanya@gmail.com. I help professionals ace their communication skills and speak better English to way up the professional ladder.

Put in the comments below one thing you would do to become a successful learner.

Hope this article will motivate you to become a successful learner. That’s my heartful endeavour.

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