10 English words to describe your favourite cup of tea stylishly

Love tea? We are partners in the crime. The best way to judge a nice cup of tea is through its taste. But guess what? There is another way. The aroma and the satisfaction you get after the first sip is one of my best ways to judge a nice cup of tea. But how will you express yourself and your love for tea? Read on to find 10 English words to describe your favourite cup of tea stylishly.

The taste of your tea can be described using many words like dreamy, milky, sweet, or spicy. So in this post, find the popular words that you can use to describe tea and its taste.

10 English words to describe your favourite cup of tea stylishly


Zesty means having a strong, pleasant and somewhat spicy flavour that satisfies your taste buds.

Example: A zesty tea helps me stay up at night.


Vanilla is a sweet and creamy flavour. You must have heard of the decaf black vanilla or black tea with vanilla.  

Example: I prefer vanilla tea because of its rich, warm and sugar aroma.


Masala chai is the quintessential Indian chai that has found its lovers the world over. Chai means tea in Hindi.

One could find a masala chai down any Indian street and this chai has its own flavour that cannot be compared to any other chai. Masala chai is a concoction of many spices. People add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper corn etc to bring the best taste. This tea can be made in various ways and everyone has their own recipe to give a bit of personal touch. 

The flavour is very strong and the taste is beyond any verbal description. The roadside tea is the best and is a must try! This is a milk based tea and by far my favourite.

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This term suggests an association with earth or soil. It is used to describe fresh and organic tea. 

Example: The tea leaves of Assam are very earthy.


We generally associate the term fresh with our sense of smell. A fresh aroma in simple words is purified and clean smell, something light and airy. 

Example: Green tea smells very fresh.


We generally associate the term clean with hygiene. However, in the case of tea, it indicates the purity of the flavour and an absence of any off-tastes or any other defects. 

Example: The flavour of the Shanghai tea is clean.


Flowery is used to describe a flavour that is associated with high-grade teas or a floral association.

Example: This tea smells very flowery.


Vegetal means relating to plants. Vegetal is a characteristic of green tea that might include grassy, herby, or marine flavours. 

Example: I prefer a vegetal green tea as it has various health benefits.


The term leafy is used to describe teas that have large open leaves, most often associated with the white teas.


I like my tea piping hot. Piping hot means very hot. My only advice at a tea shop is: “Please get my tea piping hot.”

Hope you found this article helpful and can now describe your favourite tea in the most perfect way. Talk about your tea using these words and make a mark. People notice what you say and how you say. Your English communication skills matter.

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Take care and enjoy your tea!

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